About the Author

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I was born in Volusia County, Florida and spent the earliest part of my childhood at the edge of a towering pine forest. When I was ten, my family moved to the misty hills of Tennessee. All my life, I’ve enjoyed the fantasy genre, as well as folklore and fairy tales. As a kid, I had a habit of writing stories and illustrating them. It was in my preteen ages that I started doing it more seriously.

Around the age of thirteen I started doodling characters and linking them together in a story as a way to self-sooth during a tough school year. This little habit eventually grew into Sufferborn, my first novel.

I attended college for the purpose of honing my skill in art and writing. And that’s what you’ll find me doing today, writing stories and illustrating them!

I specialize in oil painting and look up to the Dutch masters such as Rembrandt and Vermeer. My art tends to be dark and “heavy.” I also enjoy woodcut printing. I’ve won several awards for my paintings in college and still exhibit my art around Nashville, TN now and again.

In my writing, only high fantasy will do for me. I write for adults, though my main characters are usually young and inexperienced, and I seek to present dark dreamy ambiances, as well as macabre, with themes heavy in spirituality and romance.

I have a doting husband named Tim, and a pet bird named Goblin. We currently live in Ridgetop, TN.