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Author’s Note: Sufferborn is not your everyday fantasy-romance. It is not a light read. This series is intended for readers looking for deep, complex, and EPIC concepts (think Elizabeth Haydon’s Symphony of Ages or Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, which I had read in the past and taken influence from). My most savvy reviewers have confirmed that Sufferborn reads like “classic fantasy.” I would include “romance” as a sub-genre because the romantic relationship between the two main characters, Kalea and Dorhen, is the overall foundation and motivation for the story to continue, as well as the defining factor this series will require to wrap up. I classify this story’s genre as “Epic Romantic Fantasy.” There is more than one subplot. This story is long. This story is dark. You’ve been warned.

The Sufferborn Series:

Sufferborn (book 1): The beginning of a sprawling fantasy series in which Kalea, a young novice in a convent, falls in love with Dorhen, a mysterious elf from the forest. When vicious sorcerers raid the convent, Dorhen breaks in to help and disappears in the confusion. Heartbroken and angry, Kalea sets out to rescue the love of her life and her kidnapped novice sisters. But Dorhen’s dark past has caught up with him, and his future is bleak.

About my books:

I have very special plans for all of my books. For one, all of my stories will take place within the world of Kaihals. I’ve spent such a long time developing this fantasy world that it makes the most sense to get some use out of it! I also don’t have any ideas or motivations to create new fantasy worlds, so I won’t bother (unless I change my mind someday).

Secondly, I’m proud to boast that these books will always feature my own art on the cover. I don’t photoshop stock pictures together, I don’t let other people do it for me, I put my blood, sweat, and tears into the books’ physical presentation. I paint my covers in oil.

I illustrate my books. Over the years as I’ve studied the craft, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard about how novels don’t need pictures. Those were the words of older generations though. I can’t speak for anyone else, of course, but I for one LOVE pictures. Didn’t Alice say before she went down the rabbit hole, “What is the use of a book without pictures or conversations?” I’ve never been offended by seeing any kind of little image in a book, novel or otherwise. My friends from my own generation tend not to disagree with me either–they like pictures! And I like making pictures. So for the sheer love of making and looking at pictures, I’ll be including complimentary images in my books. This will be especially true for the Sufferborn series (the idea is pending for future books). These images are carved in linoleum with dense black and white shapes in my own unique style, and printed by hand at the expense of my aching shoulder! The illustrations will be located at the back of each book to be anticipated after reading the story, as well as not to distract from your reading experience. And I’ll stress this again: I write for adults! The illustrations may not be suitable for all ages; they may contain nudity or sexual situations. Each book will be released in four formats: ebook, paperback, hardback, and presentation edition. The higher the book tier you buy, ebook being the least and presentation being the greatest, the more illustrations you’ll see in your book. Ebooks will have three illustrations and presentation edition will have eight!