What I Write

In case you’ve never read anything by me, here are a few brief points you may find useful.

I write high/dark/epic/romantic fantasy (Yes, yes, yes, all of the above combined into one!).

On the greatest scale, I write about love, human nature, spirituality, hardship, and suffering.

I like rustic settings. So instead of fabulous fantasy utopian cities, you’ll probably see a lot of filthy forest cabins and stone dungeons.

I LOVE elves!

I prefer magic and spirituality to technology and politics.

I don’t like anything more high-tech than a watermill or a magnifying glass.

My influences tend to come from old stories, like Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and Grimm’s Fairy Tales, as well as world mythologies. As a child, I was exposed to a lot of Shakespeare films, particularly Romeo and Juliet (1968) and other romances.

I find interpersonal relationships between characters the most interesting. I also grew up around a lot of psychology talk. Therefore, my writings usually explore character relationships and dysfunction.

I write for adults.

I’ve no interest in focusing on writing about any particular age group, such as YA (young adult) or NA (new adult). I’d rather look at human life through a broader lense. I care more about the state of the soul than the age of the body.

I like to write romantic storylines.

My books will usually feature sex scenes. I tend not to like sex scenes that are “silly” which spout gaudy words for human body parts. I’d rather be straightforward and “grown up” about it. Though I’m interested in writing romantic stories and enjoy watching the relationship of two characters develop to the sexual level, I do not consider my books to be in the basic “romance” genre. I prefer to write stories that are more complex (in plot and worldbuilding) than basic romance. I consider my genre to be “epic dark fantasy,” which means that I aim for adventures with lots of tension and deep plots—and still expect a hefty dose of romance.

I like sad/poetic romances. I like to see the lovers get ripped apart or struggle to be together.

My stories tend to be epic, giving plenty of attention to world development, adventure, and magic.

I’m a metalhead, and therefore tend to like dark and macabre concepts. I have a special interest in the concept of human suffering…In fact, lets put a heavy emphasis on “dark.”

I am also an artist, and my books are likely to feature illustrations.

I love high tension, dark heroes, and danger!

Trigger Warning. This is only a general list for the collective group; books might include: blood and gore, adult situations (or sex), nudity (in illustrations aside from story narration!), cruelty/torture, mild foul language, and rape (or reference to rape).