Hello World!

My name is J.C. Hartcarver, and I am about to publish my debut fantasy novel! It’s called Sufferborn, and is a story about a forbidden love that is found and lost. Kalea, the main character, will make life-changing decisions and brave the treacherous, ever-changing world outside of her home and comforts in order to rescue the love of her life. It’s the first installment of an epic series, wrought with romance, magic, and grit. There will be plenty of time to talk more about it later. I’m working very hard to make sure Sufferborn gets released this year! The specific release date will be announced soon, along with the full back cover blurb.

The concept of Sufferborn sparked in my mind when I was 13 years old (that was twenty-one years ago!), and it has taken all this time to develop and learn and get all the publication preparations in place. This book is my life’s ambition and everything I do revolves around it. I have taken all these years to practice my writing and hone my art and painting skills in order to create the perfect product. That’s right, I’m also an oil painter, and part of my dream has been to design my own book cover. All my practice has led up to this.

As a result of all my skill honing, I am creating a brand that marries my art to my writing. Anyone who knows J.C. Hartcarver, knows that she paints her own book covers as well as lots of other art to support the Sufferborn Universe. This is where it all happens. Here on my website, you can browse my paintings, read my updates, autobiography, story world details, and check out the cool products I’m also creating. I’ll be linking my Etsy store to this site so you can go there and buy prints of your favorite paintings alongside hand-printed linocut book illustrations.

It will be so much fun! I hope you will add your email down below and subscribe to my blog for all the updates and announcements. There will be giveaways, videos, new paintings—and who knows what else! So please go ahead and look around. If you like what I’m about then please subscribe and stay tuned for my upcoming book release announcement. Sufferborn is in our future!

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